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The following listings of the photographs, artworks, book reviews, and articles in the LBHA Newsletters do not represent their complete contents.

Vol. XL, No. 1 February 2006

Cover Artwork: "Victory for Crazy Horse"
by David Shanahan

"Crazy Horse's Grave: A Photograph by Private Charles Howard, 1877 " by Ephriam D. Dickson III

"Richmond Conference Critical Information"
by David Harrington

Book Review: "Where Custer Fell: Photos of Little Bighorn Battlefield Then and Now" by James S. Brust, Brian C. Pohanka, and Sandy Barnard, reviewed by John Mackintosh


Vol. XL, No. 2 March 2006

Cover Artwork: "Portrait of Charles Albert Varnum" by Michael Nunnally

"The Location of Varnum's Lookout (a.k.a. The Crow's Nest" by Vern Smalley

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

Book Review: "Fort Randall on the Missouri, 1856-1892" by Jerome Greene, reviewed by Chuck Merkel

"My Life Rediscovered" by Steve Arnold


Vol. XL, No. 3 April 2006

Cover Artwork: "My God, Benteen, Where Are You?" by Joseph E. Lopez

"Custer's Orders: According to Davern and Martin" by Jack Pennington

"Custer's Standing" by Raymond C. Hillyer

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

"Retreat Is Not Defeat" by John Calder


Vol. XL, No. 4 May 2006

Cover Artwork: "Tattered Glory: Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer, ca. 1876" by Kenneth Ferguson

"Something Goes Here" by Perry G. Baker

"Mark Your Calendars! Custer and LBH-related Events"

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

"LBHA Scrapbook - Member-submitted Photos"

Vol. XL, No. 5 June 2006

Cover Photographs of the Rosebud Battlefield and the Last Stand Hill Monument by Tim Bradshaw.

"With General Crook's Campaign: A Soldier's Letter Home, 1876" by Ephriam D. Dickson III

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

"2006 LBHA Conference Update" by David Harrington

"The Buffalo Hunters Become Indian 'Fighters' with Custer" contributed by John Mackintosh

"LBHA Scrapbook - Some Old Postcards"


Vol. XL, No. 6 July 2006

Cover Artwork: "A Date with Destiny"
by Michael Nunnally

"'Regiment! . . . Forward into line . . . Charge!'"
by Frederic C. Wagner III

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

"Custer Dead at 72; General Passes in His Sleep; Nation Stunned," a fictional account by Don Schorr

Book Review: "Jay Cooke's Gamble: The Northern Pacific Railroad, the Sioux, and the Panic of 1873" by M. John Lubetkin, reviewed by Chuck Merkel


Vol. XL, No. 7 September 2006

Front and Back Cover Photographs: Richmond conference attendees

"The Richmond Conference" by Steve Arnold

"Buffalo Bill to Greet LBHA" by Jack Manion

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman



Vol. XL, No. 8 October 2006

Cover Artwork: "Sergeant Daniel Kanipe,"
colorized photograph by Michael Nunnally

"The Origin of the Sgt. Daniel Kanipe Myth"
by Vern Smalley

"Sword of the Seventh?" by Steve Alexander

"Collectors Corner"

"Brooklyn on the Little Big Horn" by Don Schorr


Vol. XL, No. 9 November 2006

Cover Photographs: Artwork of Dickie Wooten

"My Final Answer to 'Why Was Custer Defeated?'" by Dickie Wooten

Feedback Forum, Gordon Richard contributing

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman


Vol. XL, No. 10 December 2006

Cover Photographs contributed by the Fort Abraham Lincoln Foundation

"Black Moon: The Minnecoujou Leader"
by Ephriam Dickson III

"Sherman" by Steve Arnold

"Keogh: A Personal Glimpse" by Elisabeth Kimber

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