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The following listings of the photographs, artworks, book reviews, and articles in the LBHA Newsletters do not represent their complete contents.

Vol. XLI, No. 1 February 2007

Cover Photographs: "Glendive Creek" by Ronald W. Hayes

"Where is Glendive Creek?" by Ronald W. Hayes

"How About Forty Years with the Little Big Horn Associates?" by Bill Boyes

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

"Candidates for the Board of Directors"

Vol. XLI, No. 2 March 2007

Cover Photographs: Steve Alexander (Roger Hoffman photo) and Bruce Richman.

"Finding Custeriana Close to Home" by Jack Manion

"E.T. Paull's 'Custer's Last Charge'" by Charles Markantes

Vol. XLI, No. 3 April 2007

Cover Artwork: "Fight at Medicine Tale Coulee?" by Michael Nunnally

"Fight at Medicine Tale Coulee?" by Michael Nunnally

"Last Stand at the Paranormal Corral" by Don Moore

DVD Review: "Custer's Last Stand (1936): 15 Frontier Fighting Chapters" by Don Schorr

Vol. XLI, No. 4 May 2007

Cover Photograph: "The Fan" by Chuck Merkel

"Rebuttal to Bill Holm's 'Crow's Nest Revisited'" by Vern Smalley

"Custer Week 2007" by Sandy Alexander

"LBHA Remembrances" by Dick Upton

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

Vol. XLI, No. 5 June 2007

Cover Artwork: "Col. W. F. Cody" by R. Bonheur, 1889

"Buffalo Bill: Myth and Reality" by Jeannie Lyons

"The Custer-Cody Connection"by Jeannie Lyons

"Union Jack Over the Little Big Horn: Custer's British Contingent" by Howard Watson

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

Vol. XLI, No. 6 July 2007

Cover Photograph: "Lt William Cooke" Photographer unknown

"Cooke Letter Captures the Character of 7th Cavalry Soldiers" by Jeff Broome

"Sitting Bull Descendent Wants Chief's Grave Moved to Little Big Horn" by Steve Arnold

Constitutional Amendment: Tenth Amendment

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

"New Book Details Forgotten Narrative of 1876 Sioux War" by Steve Arnold"

Vol. XLI, No. 7 September 2007

Cover Photograph: "Grand Duke Alexis, 'Buffalo Bill' Cody and General Custer"

"On the Plains with Alexis, Custer and Cody" by Steve Arnold

"Life of Buffalo Bill Highlights Convention Seminars" by Steve Arnold

"LBHA Remembrances" by Dick Upton

"New Custer Items" by Dale Kosman

Vol. XLI, No. 10 October 2007

Cover Artwork by by Tim Bumb
Cover Photographs courtesy of anglozuluwar.com and mountainphotos.net

"Britain's Little Big Horn" by Don Schorr

"Custer's Travel to West Point and Another Problem" by Raymond C. Hillyer

"LBHA to Inaugurate Distinguished Service Award" by Jim Dunphy

"In Memory of Our Friends from the Past"

"Custer Battle Flag Brings Big Pay Day at Auction"

Vol. XLI, No. 11 November 2007

"Brice C. Custer, 1927-2007: Teacher, Fighter Pilot, Author, Sailor, Patriot, Friend" by Steve Arnold

"'Swinging Around the Circle' with Custer and Johnson" by Steve Arnold

"Custer's 7th Cavalry in Harding County in 1874" by Jack McCulloh

"Searching for the Lost GAR 'Custer Gun'" by Helen Hannon


Vol. XLI, No. 10 December 2007

Cover Photographs: "A Victorian Christmas" by Joan Croy

"Shaping Christmas Memories'" by Joan Croy

"'Texas Tom' Remembers General Custer" by John Lubetkin

"Benteen Pistol Hits Auction Block"

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