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Vol. XLIII, No. 1 February 2009

Cover Photograph: Associate Charles Markantes photographed the scale model of the Custer Cyclorama.

Candidates for the LBHA Board of Directors

2011 National Conference Site Selection

LBHBNM Superintendent Named

"The Custer Cyclorama"


Vol. XLIII, No. 2 March 2009

Cover: Speakers for the Billings Meeting

"Charlie Windolph’s Purple Heart" by Michael L. Nunnally

"Abram B. Brant: The Man from Manhattan" by Peter Russell

Presenters for the Billings Conference

Ride the Battlefield with fellow LBHA members!

CBHMA Announces Speakers and Topics for Annual Symposium in Hardin

Dr John Hart, Editor of Custer and His Times Book Five Nominated for Prestigious Award


Newsletter April 2009
Vol. XLIII, No. 3 April 2009

Cover: Colorized portraits of Crow King and Wolf Robe by Associate Marc Abrams. Photo of Crazy Horse scaffold grave by Ephriam Dickson. Photo of Custer Elm Monument by Rod Beemer.

"A New Photo of Crazy Horse's Grave" by Ephriam D. Dickson, III

"LBHA Book Review: Last Stand Magazine" by Jerome A. Greene

"Giovanni Martini (John Martin)" by Leo Solomine

"Seventh U.S. Cavalry Trooper Grave Found?" by Michael Nunnally

"Is it Really Custer's Tree?" by Rod Beemer


Newsletter June 2009

Vol. XLIII, No. 5 June 2009

Cover: Photo of Lame White Man courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute. Photo of Captain Miles W. Keogh courtesy of the LBHBNM.

"Opinion: Wal-Mart's Attack on Civil War Battlefield in Northern Virginia" by John Alloysius Farrell, US News World Report (NAT)

"Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Superintendent Update, April 2009" by Kate Hammond

"The 30th Annual OIW Assembly" by Mike Koury

"133rd Anniversary: The Battle of the Little Big Horn" and "Battle Training Program, Tactical Level of War" by Colonel Rodney Thomas, US Army, Retired

"Legends of the Custer House: Topeka, Kansas" by Rod Beemer


Newsletter July 2009

Vol. XLIII, No. 6 July 2009

Cover: Medicine Bluff picture post card taken outside Ft. Sill, OK. Photo from Rod Beemer collection. The Gallery Hotel in New York City. Photo courtesy of Rod Hoffner. Photographs of the conference activities, courtesy of Buddy Steves.

"Custer Slept Here... and There" by Rod Hoffner

"Custer and Medicine Bluff Creek." by Rod Beemer

"Reno's Remains as Recalled by Four Who Saw the Photograph" by Michael Nunnally with thanks to Bruce Liddic

"County has Big Civil War History" by Doug Donnelly


Newsletter September 2009
Vol. XLIII, No. 7 September 2009

Cover: Maps of the final day’s actions at Gettysburg courtesy of the Civil War Trust Foundation

"The Horned Horse Map of the Little Bighorn" by Ephriam D. Dickson III

"Recent Books in Italy" by Lorenzo Gabanizza

"Recent Books in the U.S." by Father Vince Heier



Newsletter October 2009
Vol. XLIII, No. 8 October 2009

Cover: Cover of LBHA prize-winning book by John Hart. Photo of LBHA Conference Memento by Buddy Steves. Map of the Wilderness Battlefield showing the future site of Wal-Mart Super Center courtesy of the Civil War Preservation Trust.

"Local Soldier Fought at Little Big Horn" by Chris Sholly

"Was Custer Really Iron?" by Rod Beemer

"Little Bighorn Archeological Studies" by Lee Noyes


Newsletter November 2009

Vol. XLIII, No. 9 November 2009

Cover: Photograph of the Korean War Memorial courtesy of Tyler C. Thomas

"Dr. Elizabeth A. Lawrence" by Bruce Liddic

"Serving in 'The Stan' on the US Air Force Birthday; Associate Chuck Merkel Tells of Air Power and Freedom."

"Indianapolis Little Big Horn Symposium Report" by Sandy Barnard

"New Comprehensive Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument Archeology Survey Planned" by Doug Scott


Newsletter December 2009
Vol. XLIII, No. 10 December 2009

"New Titles on Custer & the Little Bighorn" by Vincent A. Heier

A "Call to Ink." by Editor





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