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The following listings of the photographs, artworks, book reviews, and articles in the LBHA Newsletters do not represent their complete contents.

Vol. XIX, No. 1 February 2010

Cover Photograph: Sighting the Enemy - Statue in Monroe, MI, provided by Dick Micka

Candidates for the LBHA Board of Directors

"Gray and Blue" by Frederic C. Wagner, III

"Auburn Museum Snares Capt. Keogh Letters" by Scott Rapp / The Post Standard

"Associate Bruce Liddic to Regale Onlisteners"

"Military Register of Custer's Last Command" by Roger L. Williams


Vol. XIX, No. 2 March 2010

Cover Photograph: Early photo of the Custer Monument

"Custer Slept Here! Will You?"

"In Memory of Betty Custer" by Dick Micka

"During the 37th Annual Conference" by Dick Micka

"New Custer-related Marker to be Erected in Littlestown, PA" by Vince Heier


Vol. XIX, No. 3 April 2010

Cover Photographs: Specimens preserved by Custer, on display in the Monroe County Historical Museum, by Dickie Wooten

"Custer the Taxidermist" by Dickie Wooten, Breakthrough Magazine

"The Custer Home" by Sherry Chapman

"Dr. Lawrence A. Frost (1907 - 1990)" by Dick Micka


Vol. XIX, No. 4 May 2010

Cover Photograph: President Taft Arrives in Monroe, 1910, provided by Dick Micka

"Dr. Elizabeth A. Lawrence" by Bruce Liddic

Photographs of President Taft's 1910 Visit to Monroe, Michigan for the Custer Day Ceremonies


Vol. XIX, No. 5 June 2010

Cover Photograph: Group photo by Shutterbug of Monroe MI

"37th Annual Conference Report: LBHA 2010 Monroe MI"

"Lieutenant Frederick A. Nims" by David Ingall



Vol. XIX, No. 6 July 2010

Cover Photograph: Sons of Veterans Parade, provided by Mark A. Miner

"Tommy - The Unknown Custer of Tontogany, Ohio" by Mark A. Miner

"Custer's Secret Weapon" by Shawna Mazur



Vol. XIX, No. 7 September 2010

Cover: Washita Battlefield, provide by Joan Croy

"From Warriors to Soldiers" by Towana D. Spivey

"Washita Prologue"



Vol. XIX, No. 8 October 2010

Cover Photographs: Fort Sill, provide by Vincent Heier

"The Battle of Washita?" by Leland Chambers

"Indicting (Peace) Chief Black Kettle" by David Cornut



Vol. XIX, No. 9 November 2010

Cover Photographs: Custer birthplace, provided by Joan Croy

"The Best of New Rumley: Inside the Custer Memorial Association Museum" by Sherry Chapman

"The Three Faces of Custer" by William R. Walker



Vol. XIX, No. 10 December 2010

Cover Photographs: Fort Abraham Lincoln, provided by Vincent Heier

"A Frontier Army Christmas: Bringing Christmas to the Indians"

"Grant Marsh and the Far West" by Joan Croy



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