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The following listings of the photographs, artworks, book reviews, and articles in the LBHA Newsletters do not represent their complete contents.

Vol. XX, No. 1 February 2011

Cover: Artwork of a Custerphile by Timothy H. Bumb

"Points to Ponder: The Garrison Life" by Joan Croy

"Biography of a Custerphile" by Timothy H. Bumb


Vol. XX, No. 2 March 2011

Cover Photograph: Custer's Last Flag - Cover of the December 2010 Sotheby's Catalog

"The Clara Binn Story" by Judith Justus and Joan Croy

"Custer’s Dandy" by Jeanne Lyons

"Custer’s Last Flag"


Vol. XX, No. 3 April 2011

Cover: Historic Fort Sill

"Visit Historic Fort Sill During Annual Conference" by Joan Croy

"The Osage Scouts" by Arthur Shoemaker

"The Fort Sill National Historic Landmark Museum"


Vol. XX, No. 4 May 2011

Cover Artwork provided by Michael Schreck

"Little Big Horn Associates 38th Annual Conference"

"Fort Reno"


Vol. XX, No. 5 June 2011

Cover Photograph: Conference award presentations, provided by Joan Croy

"Hanover ... Prelude to Gettysburg" by Joan Croy

Photos from the 38th Annual Conference in Oklahoma City



Vol. XX, No. 6 July 2011

Cover Photographs: Little Bighorn Floods 2011, provided by Michael Donahue

"Civil War Battlefield Medicine" by Joan Croy

"Happenings at Little Bighorn Battlefield" by Vincent A. Heier


Vol. XX, No. 7 September 2011

Cover Photograph: Civil war ballooning, provided by Joan Croy

"Ballooning" by Joan Croy

"Henry Siefferman (aka, Siffernam or Seafferman) (1839-1876): KIA - Battle of the Little Bighorn, June 25, 1876"


Vol. XX, No. 8 October 2011

Cover Photograph, Monument to Major General George Meade, provided by Monroe County Historical Museum

"Meade - The Leader at Gettysburg" by Joan Croy

"24 Notes that Tap Deep Emotions: TAPS" by Joan Croy

"The Eagle Buttons at the Little Bighorn" by Tim Bradshaw


Vol. XX, No. 9 November 2011

Cover Photographs provided by Joan Croy

"Too Young to Die... The Drummer Boys" by Joan Croy

"The Little big Horn Annual Conference - Gettysburg" by William Serritella

"LBHA Member Mark Miner Publishes Uncle's Civil War Diaries"


Vol. XX, No. 10 December 2011

Cover: Harper's Weekly, provided by Joan Croy

"Christmas North and South" by Joan Croy

"Retreat from Gettysburg: The First and Second Battles of Hagerstown, MD - July, 1863" by Bill Blake

"Custer the Organ Player" edited by R. C. Pickard

"The Company Guidon at the Little Bighorn" by Tim Bradshaw


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