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Vol. XI, No. 1 February 2012

Cover Photograph: Washington Cemetery Historical Plaque, provided by Joan Croy

"The Art of Deception - Spying" by Joan Croy

Candidates for the LBHA Board of Directors

"Railroads and Telegraphs" by Joan Croy


Vol. XI, No. 2 March 2012

Cover: Battle of Gettysburg, provided by Joan Croy

"Gettysburg - The First Day" by Joan Croy

"Elizabeth Custer's Uncle, Aaron B. Page, Will Get Grave Marker after 97 Years"

"John S. Manion, Jr. (1924 - 2012)"


Vol. XI, No. 3 April 2012

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Vol. XI, No. 4 May 2012

Cover Photograph: 7th Cavalry Ammunition Stong Box & Pouch, provided by Joan Croy

"The Lincolns" by Joan Croy

"The Ammunition Factor at The Little Bighorn" by Don Horn



Vol. XI, No. 5 June 2012

Cover Photograph: Captain Thomas Benton Weir, provided by Joan Croy

"Was Weir a Hero; A Biography of Thomas B. Weir" by Bill Blake

The Little Big Horn Associates Annual Conference - Gettysburg



Vol. XI, No. 6 July 2012

Cover Photograph: Watercolor of Carlo Camillo Di Rudio by Michael Nunally, provided by Charles Hubbard

"Gettysburg, The Third Day" by Joan Croy

"Privates McIlargey and Mitchell and the Battle of the Little Big Horn" by Don Horn




Vol. XI, No. 7 September 2012

Cover Photographs: "Reflections from the Gettysburg Battlefield", by Bruce Geibel

"1862 - The Year of Hope and Horror" by Sherry Chapman

Chairman's Corner: Garryowen, Montana

Photograph Collection provide by Buddy Steves


Vol. XI, No. 8 October 2012

Cover Photographs: "Custer Week, Monroe, Michigan", provided by Dick Micka

"Custer's Arm Chair Sits in a Museum" by Dick Micka

Chairman's Corner: New Superintendent Named at Little Bighorn Battlefield

"Custer Auction Memorabilia Includes Libbie's Pin" by Dick Micka




Vol. XI, No. 9 November 2012

Cover Photograph: Harper's Weekly depictions of Thanksgivings in the 1860s, provided by Joan Croy

"Custer's Arm Chair Sits in a Museum" by Dick Micka

"McMurtry Attacks Custer" from The Wall Street Journal by Stefanie Cohen

"The Boys in Blue" - poem by W. Donald Horn


Vol. XI, No. 10 December 2012

Cover Photograph: Custer Cavalry Saddle from Indian Wars Period, provided by Patrick Hall

"The Art of Deception - Spying" by Joan Croy

Candidates for the LBHA Board of Directors

Custer Item Sold at Auction

"Reno and Benteen: Statements by them as to the Battle of the Little Big Horn" from The Chicago Tribune, August 10, 1876. Article provided by Randy Johnson



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