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Welcome. We've tried to make it easy for you to purchase LBHA publications and other items. Our ordering system is a work in progress, run primarily by member volunteers. Please let us know if you have problems or feedback.

Member and non-member prices for items currently on sale are listed below:

Item Member Non-Member Notes
Newsletters $ 2.00 $ 3.00 Shipping charges apply to members and non-members.
Research Review $10.00 $20.00 Shipping charges apply to members and non-members.
Books Varies Varies Shipping charges apply to members and non-members.
Conference Items
(Commemorative Mugs)
$13.00 $15.00 Some exceptions apply. Price includes $5 shipping fee.

Online Purchases:
You can purchase items via our online PayPal shopping cart, then pay by credit card with PayPal. PayPal is one of the most secure ways to pay online. You don't have to have a PayPal account, though you may choose to create one for future use. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Learn more about PayPal here.

Mail Purchases:
You can use our order form and pay by check. The order form is a PDF file, viewable with Adobe Reader (your computer probably already has this, but if not you can download Adobe Reader here).

Instructions for calculating your shipping costs are on the form, along with the appropriate mailing address.

Please Note: When paying by check, you must pay in US Dollars.

It Pays to Be a Member!
Members receive a reduced price on most items.

How do we know if you're a member?
When you place an order, you'll be asked to choose between the Member or Non-member price. Our sales volunteers check this information manually before we ship.

I just joined! Can I get the member price right away?
Yes! There may be a slight delay in shipping until we can confirm your new status.

Both members and non-members pay shipping for all items, including books, Newsletters and Research Reviews. Shipping is incuded in the price for commemorative mugs.

How can I figure my shipping costs?
If you are ordering online, Paypal will figure the costs for you. If you are ordering via mail, use our order form to figure shipping costs.

Contact Lowell Smith, LBHA Sales Administrator
Email: lsmithlbha@gmail.com
Cell: 206-264-3520

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