Research Review: 2001

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Vol. 15, No. 1, Winter 2001
Front Cover Illustration: “Laban Little Wolf—A Warrior Who Fought Custer” by Michael Donahue

“Sitting Bull's Bones”by Dr. Kenneth Hammer
Dr. Hammer presents several possibilities regarding the final resting place of Sitting Bull. Beginning with the events that led to Sitting Bull's tragic death on December 15, 1890, Hammer follows the sad story regarding the care and handling of the famous warrior's mortal remains.
“The Courtship & Marriage of the Cheyenne Maiden” by Vivian Smith
Vivian Smith presents this previously published article about the fascinating courtship rituals of the Cheyenne. The roles of the suitor, maiden, and their families are explored.

“Soldier of Valor” by Judge William E. Moody with Joseph E. Moody
Judge Moody, with assistance from his son, brings to light many little known facts regarding the life and military career of General Edward S. Godfrey. Godfrey's military career of over forty years, along with his role as the preeminent historian among the survivors, makes a close study of Godfrey an important feature in retelling the story of the Plains Indians Wars. Additionally, many previously unpublished photographs of and relating to General Godfrey are presented in this article.

Vol. 15, No. 1, Summer 2001
Front Cover Illustration: “Martini Receiving the Last Message from Lieutenant Cooke” by Michael Schreck

"A Custer Compendium" by William M. Blake, Jr. William Blake, an ardent collector of Little Big Horn Battle paraphernalia, has gathered a compendium of material regarding George A. Custer. Included are charts about the Seventh Cavalry and Indian participants in the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

“The Tainted Testimony of Captain Frederick W. Benteen at the Reno Court of Inquiry" by W. Donald Horn

Don Horn presents Captain Frederick W. Benteen's testimony as it appears in Colonel Gramm's original copies of the Reno Court of Inquiry transcript. Horn then astutely analyzes the inconsistencies and flaws in the controversial Captain's testimony.

"Custer, the Making of a General . . . Where It All Began" by Robert A. Servacek
Robert Servacek takes the reader on a trip through the southern Pennsylvania hamlets and towns associated with General George A. Custer's promotion to Brigadier General prior to the Battle of Gettysburg






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