Research Review: 2002

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Vol. 16, No. 1, Winter 2002

Front Cover Illustration: “The Warrior”
by Robert Goetzl

“The Curtis Papers” by Jack Pennington

Noted Custer historian and author Jack Pennington closely examines the recently revealed Edward S. Curtis papers. Using the controversial Crow scouts' accounts, Pennington reanalyses some of the events of June 25, 1876.

“The Man Who Got to the Rosebud”
by Robert E. Doran
Longtime Custer researcher Robert Doran takes a detailed look into the story regarding Nathan Short. After spending many years pouring over the Walter Camp papers, Doran sheds new light on this elusive topic.

Vol. 16, No. 2, Summer 2002
Front Cover Illustration: “With Their Boots On” by Michael Schreck

"Libbie's Friend Candace Wheeler"
by Colleen Hughes Shea
Elizabeth Custer outlived her husband by fifty-seven years and during that period she formed many long and endearing relationships. One of the women she initially worked for, and then became life-long friends with, was Candace Wheeler, a very independent and talented woman who lived in the New York City area for many years.

“Private Augustus L. DeVoto: Unsung Hero at the Battle of the Little Big Horn" by Salvatore A. Coniglia
Sal Caniglia shares the story of one of the four Italian participants in the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The story of Private DeVoto's military and post-military career are studied here with emphasis on his role in obtaining water for the wounded on June 26, 1876.

"Two from Monroe: An Historical Sketch of Two Civil War Heroes"
by John C. Calder
John Calder compares and contrasts the stories of two distinguished U.S. Army officers from Monroe, Michigan. The well-known George A. Custer and the virtually unknown Norman Hall are featured in this well-documented story of two men who may have met but left behind no written or photographic evidence of any contact between them.




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