Research Review: 2003

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Vol. 17, No. 1, Winter 2003
Front Cover Illustration: “The Sentinel”
by Michael Donahue

“Standing up for Liberty: Eliza Brown Davison and the Custers”  
by Nancy P. Allan
Nancy Allan has spent years researching the Custer’s first servant, Eliza Brown Davison. This rich story adds many unknown details to the life story of the servant that Elizabeth Custer wrote extensively and vividly about in Following the Guidon and Tenting on the Plains.

“Camp Powell: The Powder River Supply Depot”
by Thomas M. Heski
Tom Heski identifies another significant campsite linked to the Custer Trail of 1876, the Powder River Depot Camp. As usual, Heski adds his detailed maps and panoramic photographs.

“A Syllogistic Analysis of the Opening Phase of the Battle of the Little Big Horn” by Jack Pennington
Jack Pennington looks at Custer’s battle plan, the problems in reconciling the time of events, and other often debated topics regarding the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Vol. 17, No. 2, Summer 2003
Front Cover Illustration: “Captain Keogh and Lieutenant Porter of I Troop” by Michael Schreck

"The Brennan Collection"
by Charles G. Markantes Charles Markantes obtained permission to reproduce nineteenth century cabinet cards from the James Brennan Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. Lieutenant Brennan was a member of the U.S. Seventeenth Infantry Regiment. The significance of the James Brennan Collection is studied.

“Clash on the Yellowstone: Monday, August 4, 1873" by M. John Lubetkin ~ Winner of the 2003 Dr. Lawrence Frost Award ~
John Lubetkin has spent countless hours researching the written history and sites of significance regarding the Yellowstone Expedition of 1871-72-73 which will be the topic of his upcoming book. This article is the most comprehensive and detailed study yet of Custer's engagement with Sioux and Cheyenne warriors near Miles City, Montana, that occurred on August 4, 1873. The article sheds valuable insights into Custer's tactics on the northern plains when surrounded by a numerically superior enemy.




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