Research Review: 2004

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Vol. 18, No. 1, Winter 2004
Front Cover Illustration: “The Way to Valhalla” by Michael Schreck

“Rudio Revisited: Searching for the Man Beyond the Stereotype” by Cesare Marino
Dr. Marino outlines in a brief biography one of the lesser known but very colorful officers of Custer’s Seventh Cavalry. Was DeRudio the “Italian Assassin” or a patriotic revolutionary when he attempted to take the life of Emperor Napoleon III of France in 1858? Was he a coward in the Valley timber fight or odd man out at the Little Big Horn in 1876? Many facets of Lieutenant DeRudio’s life are examined in this article.

“The President Grant Peace Medal” by Charles G. Markantes
Charles Markantes gives us an insight on the significance of the Indian Peace Medals in general and the Grant Peace Medal in particular. The article also contains some excellent photographs of the Peace Medals as worn by several of the Native American recipients.

“Setting the Record Straight: West Point ‘Skins’ – Reno and Custer” by Ron Nichols
Ron Nichols carefully outlines the West Point demerit system of the 1850's and how it affected cadets George A. Custer and Marcus A. Reno. Mr. Nichols, the foremost authority on Reno, does an interesting comparison between Custer and Reno regarding their less than stellar performances at West Point.

Vol. 18, No. 2, Summer 2004
Front Cover Illustration: "Thoughts of Libbie" by Don Spaulding

"The Custer Mystery: From Medicine Tail Coulee to Battle Ridge" by W. Donald Horn
Don Horn has been over the battlefield countless times and communicated with every expert on the subject since 1960. In this article, Mr. Horn develops his theory on George A. Custer's movements between the times that John Martin departed the command in Medicine Tail Coulee and Custer's death on Last Stand Hill.

"Restoring General Godfrey's House"
by Margaret Westfield
Historic Architect Margaret Westfield tells the story of the Godfrey House located in Cookstown, New Jersey. After his long and distinguished military career, General Edward S. Godfrey and his wife settled in her family home for their remaining years. Ms. Westfield writes of the history of the Emley home, its recent purchase, and the restoration process.

"A Dispatch from the Battlefield: Major James S. Brisbin's Observations on the Little Big Horn" by C. Lee Noyes
C. Lee Noyes writes a fascinating article regarding Major James Brisbin's role in reporting events after the Battle of the Little Big Horn. Major Brisbin of the Second Cavalry was with Colonel Gibbon and General Terry on June 27, 1876, when they arrived upon the scene of Custer's defeat. This article explores the role he played in forming public opinion about the battle.




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