Research Review: 2005

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Vol. 19, No. 1, Winter 2005
"Sergeant Butler" by Michael Schreck

"Unanswered LBH Questions"
by Jack Pennington
Jack Pennington looks closely at the time that Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer received information regarding the sighting of the great Sioux and Northern Cheyenne encampment in determining the actual time that the U.S. Seventh Cavalry actually crossed "the divide." It was the critical setting of this time that would be manipulated by Major Reno and Captain Benteen at the Reno Court of Inquiry to make it appear that there was not enough time to go to Custer's assistance. Pennington also closely analyzes the orders given to Benteen and Reno and concludes that other more reasonable orders were given to each but not told to the Court of Inquiry to protect Reno and Benteen's careers.

"President George Armstrong Custer" by John C. Calder
John Calder presents an enjoyable article regarding the possibility of George A. Custer being elected President of the United States. The author traces Custer's career from 1866 to 1876 with special emphasis on powerful political and financial friends he had made, his connections with New York City, and his interests in politics.

"The Best-laid Schemes"
by John Regis Joyce
John Joyce analyzes Custer's known decisions at the Little Big Horn in light of the "group think" process. June 25, 1876 was no ordinary day in the history of the Indian Wars. Normal assumptions and perceptions regarding United States Army combat with the Plains Indians failed to occur on that fateful day. The result was one of the most stunning and surprising defeats the United States Army has ever suffered.

Vol. 19, No. 2, Summer 2005
Front Cover Illustration:

"Red Victory" by Michael Schreck

"Lingering Clouds at the Greasy Grass: Number, Casualties, and Identity of the Indians Who Fought There in 1876"
by Cesare Marino
Outstanding researcher Cesare Marino examines the Native American casualties at the Little Big Horn in light of the new Indian Memorial at the Battlefield. He also reexamines how many combatants were present and where their tepee circles were located with the same research skill he used in his recent article on Lieutenant De Rudio.

"Tontogany's Deep Secret: The Unknown Son of Thomas Ward Custer" by Mark A. Miner
Mark Miner examines documents, photographs, newspaper articles, and more in examining the only recently discovered evidence regarding Tom Custer's son. "Tommy" Custer, his mother, and those related to her are also examined. It presents an interesting insight into nineteenth century handling of illegitimate children.

"Custer's Luck & Custer's Love"
by Kevin J. Connelly
Longtime Custer scholar and reenactor Kevin Connelly explores the courtship between George A. Custer and Elizabeth Bacon. Dating and courtship were very different in the 1860s than they are today, and Mr. Connelly looks at how the famous love affair between the Custers began and eventually led to marriage.




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