Research Review: 2007

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Vol. 21, No. 1, Winter 2007
Front Cover Illustration:
"The Decision"
by Bill Holm

"Crow's Nest Revisited: An Answer to Recent Questions as to Its Location"
by Bill Holm

Mr. Holm does double duty for this issue by contributing the cover art and his article on the location of the Crow's Nest. He looked for it through the eyes of a forward artillery observer and came to the conclusion that, while the Boyes-Weibert concrete marker may not be the exact spot, it and other high-level viewpoints are surely a much better choice than one put forth as near to the lower level Walter M. Camp marker delineating the Seventh Cavalry's point of crossing the divide between the Little Big Horn and Rosebud watersheds.

"'Which They Had Captured All'" by Raymond C. Hillyer

Mr. Hillyer traces the disappearance of the Seventh Cavalry's two battle flags and six company guidons. He notes that the Stars and Stripes were not at the battle but that Custer's personal battle flag from his Civil War days and a regimental standard were captured by the hostiles, never to be seen again by white eyes. Mr. Hillyer believes that the Seventh Cavalry regimental standard that has been on display at the battlefield visitor's center was a later gift from the officers of the Seventh but not the one alleged to have been with the pack train.

"Frederic Francis Gerard: A Questionable Cause and an Unforeseen Effect" by Frederic C. Wagner III

Mr. Wagner uses Frederic F. Gerard as his vehicle for detailing the Custer column coming down Reno Creek. He also uses the latest maps available and, while his article is very meticulous, he concludes Gerard could not have seen what he said he was near the lone teepee. Nevertheless, the editor, using on-the-ground observations made over many extensive trips up and down Reno Creek, offers a possible solution.

"Sole Survivor: Frauds, Impostors and the Battle of the Little Bighorn " by Michael L. Nunnally

Mr. Nunnally has accomplished what E. A. Brininstool, et al, alluded to; i.e., naming a large group of so-called last survivors from Custer's battalions. They are all obviously as phoney as a three dollar bill, and Mr. Nunnally with alacrity takes pleasure in demolishing their egregiously false testimony. In short, there were no Custer survivors who lived to tell the tale, Frank Finkle, Nathan Short, et al, to the contrary notwitstanding.




Vol. 21, No. 2, Summer 2007
Front Cover Illustration: "Deep Gulch to the Last Stand"
by Carol Ann Smith Boyes

"Moving Private Keegan" by Randy Johnson

"Don't Let Anything Get Away: The March of the Seventh Cavalry, June 24 - June 25, 1876: The Sundance Site to the Divide" by Thomas M. Heski





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