Research Review: 2009

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Vol. 23, No. 1, Winter 2009
Front Cover Illustration:
"Three Brevet Generals: Custer, Reno & Benteen"

"St. George Stanley & the Great Sioux War"
by Marc H. Abrams

Marc H. Abrams has edited the writings of a relatively obscure newspaper correspondent and artist, Charles St. George Stanley, who was with General George Crook's column operating out of Fort Fetterman in Wyoming. And although Stanley takes care not to castigate Crook for his barely-won victory at the Battle of the Rosebud on i7 June 1876, it is quite evident that Crook was not the Indian fighter that many historians have made him out to be. Abrams’ footnotes are worthy of a good reading as well as his article.

"White Renegades Living with the Hostiles Go Up Against Custer" by Walter F. Boyes

The author of this article managed to ransack his father's (your editor's) copious notes and retrieved most of those on the subject of white renegades at the Custer Battle. That there were so many items is a major surprise and he manages to string them along in enough order to prove that General Reno was correct in stating to General Terry that he, Reno, was fighting every desperado and renegade west of the Mississippi and east of the Rocky Mountains.

"Vignettes from Earlier Research Reviews"

Due to the paucity of new articles for our Research Review, your editor requested advice and counsel from some of the old timers in the LBHA, such as: Don Horn, Bruce Liddic, Tom Bookwalter, et al. They were practically unanimous in saying that we ought to "mine" the very early editions of our Research Review articles, especially those from the sixties and seventies that many of our newer members do not have access to or are even aware of them.

A. "The Enigma of Sergeant Butler" by Greg Bence
B. "Sergeant Butler's Traveling Marker" by R. L. "Pinky" Nelson
C. "Custer's Promotion to General" by Greg Bence
D. Book Review: "Evidence and the Custer Enigma" by Tom Bookwalter
E. Book Review: "Custer Died for Your Sins" by John Shleppey Maryland 20851-1548.




Vol. 23, No. 2, Summer 2009
Front Cover Illustration: "Dedicated to a Legend: Mrs. Elizabeth Custer"
by Mara Schasteen

"The Lone Tepee Revisited" by Thomas E. Bookwalter

Tom Bookwalter uses his usual excellent attorney's logic to locate the lone tepee some three and one-half miles or so up Reno Creek. He concludes that Indian testimony is more accurate because of their noting physical features, e.g. chalk buttes, pine trees, etc., rather than some other white men's inaccurate times and mileage estimates.

"Vignettes from Earlier Research Reviews"

A. "Sabers of the Seventh" by Phillip M. Shockley
B. "The Mysterious .50/70 Ward Burton Experimental Carbines" by B. William Henry, Jr.
C. "Medicine Tail Coulee: Comments" by R. L. "Pinky" Nelson
D. "Custer and the Little Bighorn: A Needed Perspective" by Tim Mulligan
E. "Cadet Custer at West Point" by John S. Manion and Bruce R. Liddic
F. "She Saw Custer:"/"He Saw Custer:" submitted by Minnie Milbrook
G. Book Review: "The Passing of the Great West: Selected Papers of George Bird Grinnell" by Paul L. Hedren

"The Other Lone Tepee" by William W. Boyes, Jr.

The author elucidates on the possibility of two lone tepees to provide some balance to Tom Bookwalter's article earlier in this edition. Hopefully, this article is not seen as a rebuttal but more like an answer as to why some Custer historians believe the lone tepee is only a mile and a quarter up Reno Creek from the Little Bighorn River.




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