Research Review: 1999

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Vol. 13, No. 1, Winter 1999
Front Cover Illustration: "With the Eyes of a Hawk" by Michael Schreck

“Circle of Friends: Elizabeth Bacon Custer and the Bates Family of Monroe and Bronxville” by Marilynn Wood Hill
Elizabeth B. Custer made many friends during her ninety years of life but probably none closer than the Bates family. Marilynn Wood Hill examines Mrs. Custer's life after her husband's death with emphasis on that period when she lived in Bronxville, New York.

“Failed Peace on the Plains: The Treaty of Medicine Lodge”
by Eric Niderost
1867 was an explosive year on the Plains. Hancock's Expedition, which included the burning of a Cheyenne and Sioux village on Pawnee Fork, set off a full scale uprising. In October, a Peace Commission attempted to restore the peace with the Medicine Lodge Treaty. Author Eric Niderost covers the treaty and the problems that led to its failure.

“Hindsight Bias and the Battle of the Little Big Horn”
by James Brust, M.D.
Noted photo expert Dr. James Brust explores psychological studies that verify the concept of hindsight bias. He then shows how these findings explain many of the present concepts regarding the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

"The Kidder Massacre Site on the High Plains of Kansas"
by Marilyn Cooper
Marilyn Cooper of Goodland, Kansas, lives within twenty miles of the site where Second Lieutenant Lyman S. Kidder, eleven soldiers, and their Sioux scout were wiped out by Sioux and Cheyenne warriors on July 2, 1867. Kidder was carrying messages to Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer, and it was Custer who found their bodies ten days later. Cooper describes how to get to the Kidder Massacre site, the markers located there, recent anniversaries at the site, and recent discoveries in this analysis of the Kidder site then and now.

Vol. 13, No. 2, Summer 1999
Front Cover Illustration: “Goerge and Tom Custer, June 25, 1876” by Michael Schreck

"Errol Flynn's Custer and the Test of Time"
by Louis Kraft
In 1941, Warner Brothers released They Died with Their Boots On starring Errol Flynn as Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer. Noted author Louis Kraft writes about the production of the movie, focusing on Flynn's characterization of Custer.

“The George C. Brown Story" by Neil C. Mangum In 1998, Little Bighorn Battlefield Superintendent Neil Mangum received a series of letters written between 1872 and 1876 by Corporal George C. Brown of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry. For the first time, the contents of these letters have been made available for publication. This rare look at an enlisted man's view of the U.S. Seventh Cavalry is a valuable addition to the Battlefield's extensive collection.

"The Truth About Indian Horses and Indian Horsemen" by Genie Dickerson
Genie Dickerson studies the history of the relationship between the Plains Indians and their horses. She emphasizes the origins, types, and coloring of Indian horses along with the care and riding techniques used by Indian horsemen.

"Soldiers, Surveyors, Steamboats, and Stanley's Stockade" by Thomas M. Heski
Thomas Heski, one of the premiere researchers of Custer's many trails, studies the soldiers, surveyors, and steamboats used to supply the Yellowstone Campaigns of 1873 and 1876. With his usual thoroughness, Heski relocates the position of Stanley's Stockade used by the 1873 Expedition.




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