Custer and His Times ~ Book Five

Custer and His Times, Book Four
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Part One: The Late Unpleasantness

Custer: The Goat at West Point and at War
~~ James S. Robbins

Hunterstown: North Cavalry Field of Gettysburg
~~ Troy Harman

Custer at Gettysburg
~~ Tom Carhart

Part Two: Life on the Plains

Custer’s Summer Indian Campaign of 1867: New Information on Custer’s First Skirmish with Hostile Indians
~~ Jeff Broome

Ned Wynkoop’s Lonely Walk Between the Races
~~ Louis Kraft

Walter Camp and Ben Clark
~~ James R. Foley

More on the Personal and Designating Flags of the Great Sioux War
~~ Paul L. Hedren

Part Three: The Last Stand

Myth-Busting at the Little Bighorn
~~ Gregory F. Michno

Was There a Last Stand?
~~ Paul A. Hutton

Part Four: The Legacy

Little Bighorn Coverage in the Illinois Press
~~ James E. Mueller

The Art of the Last Stand: Revisiting Some Nineteenth-century Classics
~~ Brian W. Dippie

My Heritage, My Search
~~ Gail Kelly-Custer

The Day Custer Fell: The Custer Epic That Never Was
~~ Dan Gagliasso

The Distant Mirror: The Little Bighorn as an Analogy
for Contemporary Military Challenges
~~ Frederick J. Chiaventone

Remarks: Formal Annual Ball of First Squadron Seventh U.S. Cavalry, Fort Hood, Texas, 2003
~~ Robert M. Utley

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